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Sway is a digital democracy app, designed to encourage deeper understanding of issues that affect our everyday lives, from local to global problems.

We live in a monoculture where our world views tend to be driven by the same media sources and the same set of friends and colleagues on social media who all share our point of view. It’s a ‘filter bubble’ that reduces exposure to new ideas and stops us from having a healthy and informed debate.

The purpose of the Sway app is to get a deeper and broader understanding of the world and ourselves by being exposed to a wider range of opinions, facts and ideas from diverse, independent and, to avoid bias, initially unidentified sources.

By applying the power of both gamification and mobile technology to democracy we hope to encourage millennials, and people disillusioned by politics, to take part in the debate and vote.

How it works
The app poses a question relating to a major topic or policy, then presents you with stories pulled from both traditional news and online reporting. These stories support both sides of the argument, giving you a broad understanding of the debate. You then vote, for or against the issue.

There are 5 levels of content, each level progressively adds more depth to the debate. Always balanced from both sides of the argument, the levels are designed to gradually deepen your understanding of the topic, possibly swaying your vote, but also adding more sway to you final vote. The more you read the more Sway you get, and the more influence your vote carries.

US election
We’re launching Sway in time for the U.S. election, focusing on policy ideas offered by both Republican and Democrat presidential nominees. Sway will move on to other elections in mainland Europe and the UK in the future.

We believe Sway has the power to spark engagement and informed voting, re-igniting the electricity of true democracy.
Get involved. Make a difference. Use your Sway.

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Sway – a digital democracy app