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We build an hour, a day, a lifetime on what we can remember. So what do we become, when we forget?

A trailer for the Rambert2 livestream, Note to Self from the mind of Rambert Artistic Director and Choreographer Benoit Swan Pouffer.

Actress - Karlina Grace-Paseda
Dancers - Rambert2

Director - Sebastian Whyte
Artistic Director / Choreography - Benoit Swan Pouffer
Senior Rehearsal Director - Matthew Rich
DP - Joseph Hofmann
1st AC - Courtney Andrews
2nd AC - Valentina Catenacci
Executive Producer - Jo Taylor
Producer - Kate Eastham, Julia Valentini

Production Company - Whispering Rebel

Date created: August 2021 2021-08-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 3 September 2021 2021-09-03T12:44:08+0100


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