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Thatchers are the family cider makers, with a total commitment to the craft of perfection.
Showcasing some of the unique innovations behind the perfect pint of cider seemed like a good way to capture the imagination of the demographic, whilst communicating perfection on many different levels. The world of stop-motion animation is a fresh approach for a cider brand; it gives us the cut-through required, something that is totally ownable and, like the cider, expertly crafted.
What we created was a perfect replica of the Thatchers farm. A heightened, stop-motion, version of a real weekly event, beautifully modelled in miniature.
By telling the story of 12.30 Tasting Time on Myrtle Farm, we’re giving a lovely little glimpse into a world where perfection can be found around every corner. There are strong parallels between the skill and craft that goes into stop-motion and time and effort it takes to make the perfect cider. The result is an ad where the idea wasn’t just the story of tasting time on Myrtle Farm…
it’s the entire production itself and the mastery that went into bringing this world to life.

A little drop of perfection in its own right.


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