Scott Vaux-Nobes Senior Creative


The Current Account Switch Service is a service that helps customers switch bank/building society accounts in the UK. More than 40 banks and building societies are part of the service and covering over 99% of UK current accounts.

In the 'Rewards All Round' Campaign the Switch Guarantee Guy returns to continue his quest to ensure that all consumers – particularly those who are less financially confident – are aware of the benefits and simplicity of switching bank accounts.

Building on a string of successful campaigns that have seen over five million people switch so far, the latest TV advert for the Current Account Switch Service sees our super-smooth spokesman point out rewards as everyday scenes glide past him on a revolving 360° set.

Del teamed up with OK Go 'Writing On the Wall' director Bob Partington to work on the ambitious commercial, with everything done in camera in one continuous shot to emphasise the seamlessness of the switch process, launching a campaign that is inclusive and speaks to people no matter their financial circumstances.

Del worked closely with the Switch Guarantee Guy and supporting cast, choreographing their movements and interactions during and in between each scene whilst ensuring the set rotation speed was operated consistently: moving from bank to supermarket to cinema to living room and ending up at another bank.


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BACs | Current Account Switch Service 'Rewards All Round' [TV Commercial]