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It’s that time of year when prospective #scriptwriter like myself get prepared to submit their work to the to the BBC. Other opportunities do now exist like, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc, primarily for Film. I’m with the #BBC seeing as I’ve had an account with them now for the past five years. Long listed twice.
So what makes a good scriptwriter? If you were to tap this into Google, you’d get the usual suspects. In my view, dry descriptive academic paragraphs. I’ve speed read some of them. Not for me, I have to say. It’s the development of the idea or inspiration, that’s hard. Without, your a non starter. Following that, a lot of graft and I mean a lot. Amendments, re-writes, reformatting etc. Today, unless the work is formatted properly, it will end up at the bottom of the pile. An idea of the Genre helps, but having said that, the process of writing and development can result in a change. Finally, what medium. Radio, TV, Film or theatre. It’s a business and very competitive, but if like myself your a lover of words and have a story to tell, then catch that imagination and make that first draft real.


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