Sarah Scott Senior Account Manager


Morrisons wanted a more defined top tier range and realised that they would benefit from simplifying their premium offer by bringing back “The Best”. Research carried out through Stormbrands verified that Morrisons instincts were correct and we embarked on a collaborative process to re-design the complete premium tier.

The Design of The Best uses understatement and simplicity to support the care and passion that Morrisons’ put into their best products. All packaging elements were considered in the redesign. Where possible the structure revealed the product to clearly display it’s quality and elevate it from its core range equivalent. The graphics then needed to subtly do their job without overpowering the product. When the structure could not show the quality of the product it was important that photography did this job well, so a relaxed and informal editorial look was employed that highlighted the product or a key ingredient. As a rich premium black was used as the key brand colour, care had to be taken in the print process to ensure a consistency across all substrates.

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Date published: 16 February 2017 2017-02-16T12:29:26+0000