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I am a creative synergist. As a former literary agent at WME, entertainment development executive, current/production executive, stand-up comedian, writer, blogger and published author, I have created original, entertaining and award-winning material for a wide variety of platforms. I am innovative, meticulous and fearless.

I have almost 20 years experience creating, branding and producing compelling (and pretty darn funny) content. From developing, writing and producing animated, live-action series and sketch comedy - to writing, editing and producing editorial content for parenting, cultural and lifestyle platforms - I am an agile, full-stack employee who brings my unique 350 degree perspective to your project. (That missing 10 degrees

I intrinsically understand building and maintaining a consistent brand. I manage teams and timelines while inspiring people to produce their best work (on time), and I am disciplined, reliable and detail-oriented, while remaining adaptable enough to pivot when plans change (which invariably, they will). I am an analytical critical thinker, a passionate team player, and a "trigger-puller." And once I pull a trigger, I stand behind my decisions.

Somewhere in the process of beginning to write my first non-fiction parenting humor book and publishing my eighth, I became a public speaker, TV and radio guest. I've given talks to audiences large and small on Writing, Parenting, and Reinvention.

I have appeared on TODAY, CNN, NBC, Nightline, HUFFPOST LIVE, NPR's "Tell Me More," and at conferences around the nation as an expert in the areas of Development, Production, Writing, Publishing, Divorce, and Reinvention. I also do school and library visits.

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