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Vodafone has an optimistic view of the world and the future. They want to inspire people to capture the opportunities of a digital future and build a better tomorrow.

In line with the brand idea, for New Year 2019, Vodafone wanted to create a campaign that would work across many markets and spread the spirit of optimism that comes with New Year’s Eve.

New Year resolutions are probably the most important part of embarking on a New Year and data showed us that only 8% of people achieve their resolutions. On top of this, social listening told us that more and more people are sharing their New Year resolutions through social media, possibly to be cheered on by their peers.

So, we thought, why don’t we let people share their resolutions Live on Facebook on New Year’s Eve and let the world cheer them on. After all, when we tell people about our resolutions, we are more likely to keep them.

We worked with Facebook and their tech partner, Telescope, to create a bespoke Live experience on each of the seven participating Vodafone local Facebook channels (Albania, Czech, Egypt, Greece, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey), where people could share their New Year’s Resolutions Live.

The whole campaign started with Digital advertising, PR and Influencer engagement just around Christmas, when everyone was starting to think about their New Year plans and resolutions. This drove awareness and participation of the Live event.

The campaign drove people to a page where they could upload their submission videos to the world. On New Year’s Eve, people watched the LIVE event featuring the best of the submissions. Viewers could interact with the stream through comments, reactions, and a live HTML optimism barometer.

Our average Live engagement rate was over 11%, which is very high considering that the only incentive was to share the moment of New Year with other people on Facebook. Over 50,000 people watched the Live event and half a million watched the feed across the day with 97% of positive reactions. Our reach was beyond 85 Million.

This year, Vodafone helped people keep their resolutions with the whole world watching.

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