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A re-design of our Intellectual Property protection app which allows you to protect ideas before sharing them without the need for an NDA. The idea is simple, before you are showing someone specific an idea, pitch, presentation logo etc. you upload it to the site. We time and date stamp it and keep it locked away safe where it cannot be edited (not even by you).

Then if a dispute arises with the person you showed it to you can prove the idea was protected with a third party on that set date, before showing that person/company. It is then up to them in a court of law to prove they had the idea first.

This is now the third UX and UI we have done on the site and the latest changes (along with making it FREE) also aim to make it super quick and easy to protect an idea.

To protect an idea just google 'The IdeaSafe'

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The IdeaSafe V3