Soacha is one of the largest municipalities in Colombia were hundreds of crimes happen every day. Despite Police do their best, justice is not achieved because criminals are not detected due to few security cameras. Because of this issue, spoken portraits are one of the most valuable resources to identify criminals but unfortunately, in Colombia they are still handmade and most of them just end as a meme. Also this process is so slow and FBI technologies to make them fast are not affordable for the country. However, we found a technology whit very high levels of customization to create almost real characters in less time: video games. Seeking to improve the security indexes in the city, the Mayor Office of Soacha trained a portraitist expert in morphology to use video games as a working tool in order to create faster and more real spoken portraits. In alliance with the National Police, we created more than 360 portraits in a month and distributed them on the streets inviting people of Soacha to report the offenders.




  • Alcaldía de SoachaClient
  • Andrés LuqueExecutive Creative Director
  • Camila CabraArt Director
  • Daniel CalleExecutive Creative Director
  • Diego Julian RodriguezCreative Director
  • Hastings Audio NetworkAgency
  • Jerónimo ZapataCreative Director
  • Jhonny VictoriaExecutive Creative Director
  • Juan Camilo LaverdeChief Strategic Officer
  • Maria Clara VillegasAccount Director
  • Mario LagosChief Creative Officer
  • Paula CentenoPlanner
  • Ricardo SolanoEditor
  • Rodrigo HernándezArt Director
  • Sebastián SuárezCopywriter
  • Sergio LeonChief Creative Officer
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  • * SANCHO BBDOAdvertising Agency
  • * The One Show
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