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During confinement, the number of cases of domestic violence increased considerably. Around the world, thousands of women found themselves imprisoned during this time with their abusive partners.
The result, unsurprisingly, turns out to be significant growth in the number of reported domestic violence cases, a rate of increase that has approached 40% in some countries, with Morocco no exception.
In detail, a total of more than 1,000 acts of violence against women were recorded during a month of confinement, according to the FLDF (The Federation of Leagues of Women's Rights): physical, psychological and sexual violence but also cases of rapes and evictions from the marital home were noted.

As part of its positioning as a committed agency, Boomerang communication, supports the cause of women victims of domestic violence by launching a campaign on social networks that denounces this violent behavior on the occasion of November 25,
international day for the elimination of violence against women ...


Shed light on the difficult situation experienced by thousands of women during the period of confinement
Raise awareness about violence against women
Giving voice to women victims of domestic violence

The description
The idea is based on visuals highlighting one of the sad symbols of the suffering of women victims of domestic violence, namely: bruises. Each bruise is seen as a witness to a history of violence and suffering that a woman has had to endure, whether physical or moral. An approach that thus mixes the horror of the situation and its result through the illustration of a traumatic emotional mark contained within a bluish body.


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Violence leaves indelible scars