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The Taliban’s capture of Kabul in August 2021, and subsequent consolidation of rule over Afghanistan, raised serious concern that the gains secured by women and girls over the last 20 years would be lost. Since regaining control of Afghanistan, Taliban representatives have promised to respect women’s rights to work and education, but the government’s actions over the past few months strongly suggest that the group is reverting to form when it comes to using power to oppress women and girls.

Since resuming control, Taliban authorities have severely restricted where women and girls can go in their community. According to Amnesty International, women have been informed that they cannot go to work or travel without a male guardian. For the last three months, girls over the age of 12 have been prohibited from attending school, and segregation of women and men in universities is negatively impacting women’s opportunities in post-secondary institutions. Women have been expelled from many areas of the labor force, including the media and entertainment fields.

To sensitize public opinion on the situation of Afghan women, a visual campaign was launched in social networks, which alerts on human rights in the area, entitled 'Behind the burka'
Beyond the political regime, and personal choices,
the most important now is:
Human rights to be preserved
Women's dignity to be defended
Children's rights to be protected


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