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In Morocco, breast cancer is a real public health problem. Not only is it one of the most common cancers in women along with that of the cervix (36.1% for the breast), but it also causes a significant number of deaths due to the delay in its diagnosis. On the occasion of Pink October, it therefore seems essential to remind Moroccan women of the importance of screening for breast cancer, in order to reduce the morbidity and mortality from this cancer.
As part of its positioning as a committed agency, Boomerang communication, supports the cause by launching a campaign on social networks, on October, Brest Cancer Awareness Month,to encourage women to get tested, because early diagnosis can save lives

- Raise awareness among women to fight against breast cancer.
- Focus on prevention and screening against this cancer.

• Description
An emotional approach initiative to raise awareness about breast cancer screening. There are indeed fruits with rounded shapes (such as lemon) reminiscent of a woman's breast. We discover the evolution of this lemon, namely: at the beginning it appears healthy, then decomposes (traces of mold appear) and finally ends up severed / amputated. A symbolism that can be linked to that of the appearance of breast cancer discovered at an advanced stage due to too late screening leading to mastectomy of the affected breast.

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Early diagnosis can save lives