Salma Price-Nell Graphic Designer and Illustrator


This international retrospective exhibition is curated by The District Six museum in Cape Town and was first exhibited at the Iziko South African National Gallery.
Lionel Davis is best known for his complex linocut prints that narrate experiences of his youth in District Six and his incarceration on Robben Island.
"A former political prisoner and long-time cultural activist, Lionel Davis’ name features prominently in the history of the Community Arts Project, Vakalisa Art Associates, Thupelo Workshop and Greatmore Artists Studios.
Designing this resource was a great pleasure because of the intricate and interactive layout and interesting content.
A 16 page worksheet for a major exhibition made from a single sheet of paper including questions, activities and information presented in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way.
Working closely with the curators, we developed the a layout that best presents all the information and interactive aspects of the worksheet. I experimented with Lionel Davis' colour palette and graphic style to create a look and feel that would be consistent with the artist's work and be fun and engaging to those who use it.
The worksheets were a huge success. Many school groups and individuals were able to experience the exhibition with a new perspective.

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Exhibition Resource: Lionel Davis - Gathering Strands