Let your personas increase website traffic by up to 210%!

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The wonderful world of marketing is no longer as clear-cut as running ads and newsletter campaigns.

In the age of ad blockers and growing consumer ad fatigue, marketers are constantly on the lookout for new techniques to engage with their target audiences and provide them with relevant content. To do this, you need to establish a relatable brand personality that not only shows your audience empathy—-that you care about their problems, and have exactly what they need to solve them—-but also develops trust. This trust is exactly what makes you stand out above your competitors.


How do you get started on establishing a relatable brand personality?

There are many types of online content that could give your brand a helping hand, but there’s one in particular that helps you personalise your brand like no other: buyer personas! 

The integration of buyer personas into marketing strategies can be a real competitive advantage for your business—which is why more than 44% of B2B marketers already use this resource, and 86% say they intend to use it in the future. Not only has the use of buyer personas been shown to increase email open rates by 2 to 5 times, but it’s also been shown to increase email click-through rates by 14%, and boost email conversion rates by 10%

But how does this work?

When it comes to optimising your marketing strategy, the secret to knowing how to serve your audience—or prospective clients—-best, is to know them. With so many different ways of acquiring traffic on social platforms, the fact is, if you want to bring your audience to your website or profile, you need to know how to approach them, regardless of your chosen channel. By including buyer personas in this process, you have the potential to increase website traffic by up to 210%, and organic search traffic by 55%

If that’s not enough to sway you, here are some more interesting statistics:

  • 82% of the companies that used buyer personas were effective in creating quality value propositions

  • 90% of the companies that use personas claim to understand their audience well

  • 81% of the people interviewed stated that they expected the use of personas to help them understand their audience. 

  • After the experiment, 90% acknowledged that this actually happened.

Keeping these statistics in mind, it’s clear that buyer personas truly are important in the field of Digital Marketing. Not only do they help companies invest their time and money in the most effective way possible, but also to target an audience that has a better chance of forming a customer base.

How do I create and use my buyer personas?

Good marketing collateral resonate with audiences by making them feel like it was created exactly for them. Sounds like something of a challenge, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be.

One of the easiest, most effective use of buyer personas is creating an animated explainer video. To go about this, the first and probably the most important step is to decide on your buyer personas—personified representations of who you think your average clients or customers are. 

Some common things to consider when creating these can include:

  • Their general age

  • Where they come from

  • How they dress

  • How they talk (language, accent, slang)

  • What are their preferred social media platforms

The resulting virtual characters will all have names, ages, personal backgrounds, and jobs—-consequently becoming your buyer personas.