Joining forces with fine jewellery & watch designers, Marie Boutteçon and Etienne Ruffieux, we helped bring their creative concepts and brand to life, using neuro-led creative production methods. From initial brand building conversations through to product launch, the SB team were part of refining the brand’s messaging, campaign visuals, brand logo and name.

Using our unique neuroscience consultancy service, Engagement Insights®, our insights team tested brand perception across key company values to ensure the Marie Boutteçon launched with ultimate brand consistency. We tested consumers' emotional pull towards their proposed brand names, logos and imagery pre-launch. Our findings steered the creative direction, enabling us to decide on a name, colour, textures and lighting; centering the theme around organic shapes and femininity.

For the campaign imagery, our Art Director, Luis Cardoso, worked closely with Marie & Etienne to ensure the creative vision and design concepts were perfectly realised into mesmerising imagery and animations of poeticism and femininity.

Using CGI gave the vision flexibility and space to grow into stunning visuals. The Marie Boutteçon Timepiece is a stunning ‘70’s inspired collection that allows the wearer to interchange between the various unique bezels and what better way to bring the product to life than with CGI, which shows the versatility of this flexibility in the way we bought the imagery to life. From a snake coiling into form, to delicate bubbles descending into place, our team of creative artists accentuated the concept that these refined watches are full of movement and life.


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