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Brief: Reframe and redesign the full website in accordance with latest market requirements and business evolution to drive more direct bookings.

Specifications: The Student Hotel (TSH) offers a mix of services for students, who wants to find a safe home away from home, and be part of a community while they attend university for 1 year or more. For hotel guests who travel to visit the city for holidays for a couple of days up to 2 weeks. For business guests who wants a safe but inspiring environment where to spend a couple of days while they have meetings in town, up to 3 months while they work temporary for a local company. For locals who are looking for a co-working place with a unique spirit or simply a friendly restaurant where to have a business lunch or a dinner with friends.

Solution: The Student Hotel new website is designed in order to engage the user by creating a full experience of what to expect by booking a room, a co-working space, a meeting room or a table at the restaurant.

My primary task was to serve as the main Brand Lead contact for our external technology and design partner - Rufus Leonard.

For over a year I’ve supported the development process by directing the external agency with my personal view of the brand, based on the business requirements. The main challenge I went through was the complexity of the TSH offer. I’ve personally conducted interviews with each product stakeholders and marketers to understand their needs and instruct them on the way the design studio should be briefed to be able to work with minimum resources available. On top I’ve overseen every template and single page production to maintain quality and Brand values over all websites.

At the same time every single page is designed with user interaction in mind and following the best UX and SEO practices.


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Rufus Leonard has been a Contributor since 22nd January 2020.

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