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CONCEPT In recent years, the Irish purpose-built student accommodation market has seen a lot of investment. It’s been predicted that Irish universities would see an increase in enrolment – especially following Brexit – and as the market grows, competition to be the accommodation of choice is becoming increasingly fierce. According to recent findings from Select Property Group, 40% of first-year students say brand is a key influencer in selecting student accommodation.

Whether first year or mature, students seek security, reputation, quality and a sense of community.

From Here provides brand new, modern and secure student accommodation in three locations across Dublin and Galway, Ireland. When our client approached us, these could only be found through an external booking platform, saturated with accommodation UK-wide, which wasn’t effectively capturing the imagination of a student. We were approached to develop a name and brand identity that stand out from the competition and appeal to a broad demographic of students, driving greater engagement and, in turn, increasing viewings, bookings and re-bookings. And we’d need the website live 7 working weeks from receiving the ‘go ahead’!

A name that captures the journey
In developing the concept, we stepped back to our time at university. Our college years take us on an exciting journey, from the anticipation of first year to the reward of graduation. Student life is fun, challenging, messy, stressful and transformative. We needed a name that could reflect this, and the many possibilities that lay in store for student residents. ‘From Here’ was the perfect fit: directional, ambitious and idealistic. It became the catalyst for an entire smart, yet playful, brand language. 

Jump in
In keeping with From Here’s confident verbal identity, we produced vibrant visuals – popping patterns in bright colours. Series of concentric shapes evoke a sense of movement and energy. Squares transition into diamonds, and triangles into arrows, always linking back to feeling of opportunity.


It all starts here
Our primary task was to create a brochure website to introduce the brand, its benefits and the residences to drum up interest from potential residents and encourage current residents to rebook. The brand comes to life across the site, through an animated homepage header, layered flickering GIFs, patterned hover effects, subtle transitions, geometric arrows and a mesmerising, looping loading graphic. Simple content introduces the user to the buildings they’ll be living in via a virtual tour, as well as providing information about the area.

To ensure distinction between the different residences, we introduced three colourways to distinguish locations. We created a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure consistent brand application going forward, which explain everything from fonts and colour palettes to key messaging and content hierarchy. Following this, we implemented the brand across a wide variety of print, digital and OOH for Dublin and Galway, including punchy accommodation hoardings across two sites, six-sheets, phone kiosks, marketing flyers, booking postcards, forms, internal posters, social media posts, Google Ads, Gmail Sponsored Promotions and more.


The success of this branding and implementation would usually be the number of viewings and bookings made for the upcoming year – starting September 2020. However, due to Covid-19, we aren’t able to provide the results we would have hoped. Universities and students alike anxiously wait to find out international travel with affect them, with many students choosing to stay home and work remotely, thus saving the cost of accommodation.

As such, while we have seen a steady flow of traffic to the website, From Here hasn’t yet seen the conversion results we’d have hoped for the upcoming academic year.


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