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Tor is a audio/visual representation of the titular landmark and how the landmark has significantly affected those who climb it.

We combined behind the scenes DV footage, analogue photography and HD digital video to create a moving picture collage; representing the Tor.

The spirituality of the Tor is taken very seriously by those involved in such beliefs, therefore I do not want to misrepresent those in question. To avoid this I wanted to collaborate with those close to the Tor and get them to lay out what the spirituality looks, sounds and feels like.
The Tor itself will be represented with the power of which the Tor’s admirers believe. The Tor is overshadowing the entirety of Glastonbury, looking down at the town. If it does have such spiritual power, then what could this monument do to the community at large? That’s the power I wish to show.

CJ Stone, author and columnist:

Whyte Raven:

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