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Marta Scharle Visual Art Director


This is self promotion/promotion of my work.
Acyl Dream (the work title was "6000 Seconds" according to the music track length) is an experimental movie.
The main concept is to create a movie to show dreams, emotions and expressions about death... without any words but music and video. Another concept is, to create a movie-long visualization using only a single mobile phone for capturing.
Warning: The movie contains mature elements such as nudity and violence.
Advice for watching: It is not a usual movie, as it very often behaves as a dream, changes scenes frequently and in an illogical order. Because of that eventually it requires more focus and attention to watch. Pauses during watching are recommended but not necessary.

The project started in 2016, when the music has been created and it took 4 years to finish the visual part. I worked on this movie by my own. Means, video captures - I used a Galaxy S8 for capturing all scenes. Regie and post production using Premiere Pro and After Effects. At some points I included Deep Dream Generator scenes. Some scenes were planned and executed according to a plan, but most "dreamy" scenes came by intuition, while listening to the music over and over again.

Date created: October 2018 2018-10-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 30 July 2020 2020-07-30T14:20:03+0100


Acyl Dream