Based on a secret recipe using 56 ingredients, the complex herbal flavors of Jägermeister taste best at ice-cold -18°C. But at home or at private parties consumers often store and drink Jägermeister at room temperature just like any other liqueur.

Turning the packaging into the message, the special edition promotes the idea of "best used ice-cold" all by itself by combining the classic 0,25l Jägermeister bottle with the iconic shape of typical cool packs.

An innovative, literally cool design whose purpose is easily understood by consumers worldwide and lead to a significant change in the way people drink Jägermeister.

Moreover, the Coolpack saves energy because it cools 20% faster to -18° in the freezer than the standard bottle. The design and sturdy glass also allow for re-use as a standard cool pack or re-filled with Jägermeister on multiple occasions.

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