You have to see a logo eight different times to fully recognize and remember it. Web designers know where to place ads and keywords because we know your eyes track a webpage in an F formation (skim down once, then reading left to right, twice). How do we know that? Because science, psychology, and advertising got together long before you started reading this or even before Rock Candy Media was around.

This means you’ve been studied as a demographic, as a psychographic, as a generation, as a gender, as a culture, to find out how to best sell to you. Wartime? Sell peace of mind. Technology boom? Sell bogus antivirus software and ‘good ole fashioned newspaper’ subscriptions to the older generation. The link between marketing and culture is why we know simple and cheesy commercials still work on Baby Boomers but you’d NEVER run something like that to Millennials or Gen Z– they’d rather see truth, sarcasm, maybe even some reverse psychology. The advertising industry in America knows you and will make you believe it.

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