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Background & Concept:

A Janger is a lightweight, compact alternative to a traditional hanger. Originally designed to hang jeans (hence the name) they made waves in the B2B retail industry. Millions have been sold globally to the likes of ASOS and Zara. However, Janger recognised that its product had huge potential to be popular in the B2C market, but it knew its utilitarian brand image that made it such a B2B success would need to change.

Our brief was to reposition Janger to reflect its new goals and aspirations, taking it from a functional B2B solution to a desirable B2C product.

Our first challenge was perception. We knew it would be very easy for consumers to shrug and dismiss Jangers as an alternative to a product that doesn’t need one if weren’t smart about how we repositioned the brand. It would take more than a fun logo and playful colour scheme to reposition Jangers. We needed to redefine what the product was.

Part of the reason Jangers have done so well in B2B markets is because their benefits can easily be quantified: they’re smaller than traditional hangers so more merchandise can be clearly presented in less space. This small size also means more can be transported at once, reducing costs. We knew targeting people’s wallets alone wouldn’t be enough for a consumer audience.

Janger wanted to echo its B2B success and wants to sell a million packs a year after launch.


While we knew a consumer audience was the target, our first step was to research what elements of the Janger people responded best to. We led focus groups and researched consumer preferences and three elements quickly became clear:

1. People were excited about its potential for travel
2. People wanted to use it in multiple ways
3. It was important to be environmentally conscious

We built our brand strategy around these findings.

In addition to our audience research we knew we had to reposition Janger as a desirable object and communicate what Jangers are quickly and clearly. With that in mind we set the following strategic goals.

1. Make the purchasing choice obvious
We need to quickly and effectively communicate what Janger is for. Often this is done in contrast to the impracticalities of traditional hangers.
2. Give customers more reasons to buy
Consumers were more likely to respond to a product with multiple uses. We highlighted the versatile nature of Jangers and focused on ‘life-hack’ style uses. We also emphasised the eco-friendly nature of the product.
3. Market in a way our audience understands

We needed to market across channels our audience relates to.

While we didn’t encounter any unforeseen problems, we did find an amusing quirk that came as a result of the multi-purpose angle of the marketing. We had to be very clear about people not being too creative in how they used Janger. We didn’t want to end up liable for someone using Janger for something dangerous!

We created a brand that leans heavily on bright colours and uses illustrations to show the multiple (and varied) uses of Janger, particularly how easy it makes packing for holiday. We used motion throughout our designs, targeting Instagram with short 15-second clips as its where our audience spends a lot of time.

Our messaging took on a warm, friendly tone and always referred back travel, varied uses and the environment. We also bemoaned some of the impracticalities and environmental problems with traditional hangers, siding with consumers.

The Janger wordmark takes on elements of the product. The letters are chunky and durable with rounded edges and bottom of the ‘J’ is extended, ready to have something hung on it.

Due to consumer concerns about environmental impact, an independent research paper was produced by the University of Sheffield which examined the environmental benefits of Jangers compared to traditional hangers. This isn’t a coincidental link, Jangers are made with three times less plastic than a standard hanger and are completely recyclable. The study found numerous other eco-benefits. We positioned this all as Janger simply doing its bit, avoiding sound overly pious.

Our work was comprehensive including strategy, design, research focus groups, website design and build and a go-to-market plan.


We created a vibrant, desirable brand which is totally removed from the previous functional brand that appealed to B2B audience.

Janger is weeks away from launching to the public so we are yet to get any results or wider feedback from the public. However, our client is thrilled with the results and is confident of hitting its ‘million packs in the first year’ target thanks to already having deals with large retailers to stock Jangers on its shelves.

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