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As the months tick away and the earth stops moving again for another lockdown, I find myself in a bit of a career dilemma. After 8 solid years of freelance work this year has been a real punishing year for me.

My work generally revolved around retail both in food and fashion, to which each of these sectors have both suffered. Searching for full time work isn't what I really want to do and part of me feels I've failed in my business.

I've not stopped working since March, working everyday, building up my photography skills and keeping my mind occupied, as well as making people happy online by giving them a good laugh at my creations. That feeling has been great and I continue in this current direction.

Creating this type of work has been a bit of a calling for me, I didn't know it until I sat back and thought about it recently that what I'm doing includes everything I love about creativity: Photography, Illustration, lighting and atmosphere, retouching, the film industry, a bit of cheeky humour, it's everything I enjoy encompassed into one package.  I have a gut feeling that this may take me in a new direction in my career or least I hope it will, which after 22 years of being a creative, I'd welcome with open arms.

So why am I reading this you're probably thinking, well, I'm writing this with the hope that it may get into the right hands and someone may see the potential of my work. I don't want to fail at my business, I've worked so hard at it. Unfortunately money does makes the world go around as I'd be quite happy doing this for free if I could afford to.

I'm sure there must be some individuals or businesses that may require my skills in the toy industry or potentially in other areas, only if its for a couple of days a week. So I'm reaching out to anyone that may be able to help me out both on a creative freelance level and maybe a career curve.

This has been the toughest year ever for me and I know for a lot of other people, I've seen and experienced rock bottom before and I don't want to see that again that's why I'm reaching out to anyone that could help me. Thanks for reading


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