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Etherin designs and manufactures objects of complexity and ethereality which tell a story of our diverse culture.

At Etherin we believe design can give life to a new language.

As designers, we’re inspired by the world’s brilliant artisans and technologists. We intertwine materials, artisanal tradition, environmentally conscious technology and manufacturing techniques discovered on journeys far and wide. The result is truly beautiful objects.

The incomparable knowledge and skill of traditional craft blended with the determination of sustainable technology is at the heart of every Etherin object.
A stringent focus on quality means a conscientious approach to how we design and select energy efficient, recyclable and environmentally friendly elements.

Exquisite traditional craftsmanship
Artisanship and heritage make our world rich. We believe it is our duty to promote the culture and tradition they represent. By blending traditional techniques, unique to specific groups of people, with sustainable technology, we create objects which speak a new language of the world.

Designed with the best quality sustainable technology
We choose the best base materials on the market, design and make bespoke elements which guarantees the best quality - all sourced from free and fair supply chains. That way we're able to support people, the environment and our world with beautiful items that will stand the test of time.

Perfect imperfections
Our world is not perfect but we find the beauty in it. At least 50% of every object is handmade by artisans from around the world. We steer clear from industrial manufacturing and rather support small, independent artisans and makers who bring their own unexpected imprecision to each object.

Made by people
From cultures around the world that inspire their design at our London-based studio, to those who assemble them by hand in Italy, people are at the core of every Etherin object. We believe in an ethical and worldly language.

Worldly blended beauty.

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