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We worked directly with Paultons Park on an open brief to deliver an exciting family advertisement for a new dinosaur themed Land within the park, with the challenge being that construction of the land would not complete until the time the ad would be aired.
Following a consultation with the client, we proposed an ad that would feel like the trailer of an epic blockbuster movie – a montage of dynamic scenes that suggested an overarching narrative, incorporating the feature rides and experiences on offer in Lost Kingdom.
Using a family adventure as the central thread of the narrative, we imagined the discovery of a Lost Kingdom in a mysteriously hidden area of the modern world. Highly cinematic in its presentation, the ad would be a perfect fit for Cinema as well as TV advertising, with the blockbuster feel conveying the drama, quality and scale of the experiences in Lost Kingdom.
With construction ongoing until the launch of the attraction, every scene of the rides was created in CGI using a mixture of CGI characters and live action extras. With the challenges of creating a realistic CGI prehistoric world populated with our own dinosaurs, planning and filming the live action sequences and creating the visual effects, the film was developed over several months.

We took the project from our initial concepts through the full design, script development and storyboarding process, onto 2D Animatics, 3D Previz, 3D Animation, Post, Audio Production and Delivery. The CGI was handled with Autodesk’s 3DS Max, Maya, Vue xStream and Zbrush and was rendered with Vray.

The final piece is a sweeping spectacle with an epic feel, emphasising the Paultons family experience and showcasing the feature rides. Pre-launched on Facebook, the video attracted 500,000 views and 2.5k ‘likes’ in its first week.
As part of the undertaking we also produced a suite of Out of Home advertising, including Billboard, Adshell and animated Digital Displays, and a toolkit of image assets for the creation of new designs by the in-house design team at Paultons.
Following the successful launch of Lost Kingdom, the Park went on to achieve a record year of sales and in the same year was named the number one amusement park within the UK by Tripadvisor.


Annual 2017 ShortlistLost Kingdom TV and Cinema CommercialAdvertising: Film Project featured: on 12th February 2018

Lost Kingdom TV and Cinema Commercial

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