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Returning to the Scene of the Crime

After weeks of pounding rains in California that caused serious flooding, 70 mph winds, downed trees and power outages,
I had to travel to California's Central Valley for an event – a hair-raising experience.
Driving back to the SF Bay Area, I stopped in Fresno to see a seriously ill friend. I went back to my childhood neighborhood –a neighborhood that has been erased by "Urban Renewal".
It is hard to imagine a busy section of Fresno that was once thriving with commerce. Nestled among small homes was an abundance of multi-cultural “working class” families–and fruit trees.
Armenians, Latinos, Japanese, Italians and "Okies" –
the cultural stew worked!
As a 6-year-old child, I walked to Emerson Elementary through the streets of L, M and Van Ness. It was always an adventure – the aromas of garlic & lamb, chorizo & tortillas,
fried chicken, and Rainbow Bakery making their daily breads.
My nostrils and imagination danced. Today our neighborhood is a ghost town.
This is the crime.   


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Project featured: on 14th April 2023

The scene of the crime