Richard Wood UX/​CX Strategist


The idea for this project was born out of my experience of creating monsters and telling stories with my nieces. The concept has been developed since in collaboration with my business partners who will add their own design, illustration and writing skills to the mix.

So far, we’ve created the visual treatments attached and have some outline ideas for potential stories. We’re also keen to create a fun app inspired by dating apps – monster dating if you will (Tinster?) – with an Augmented Reality aspect so kids can conjure our monsters off the page. 

We’ve created an Instagram profile featuring all the different monster illustrations we’ve come up with to date. Although our day jobs are centred more around commercial graphic design, we all have a love for illustration and storytelling and are keen to launch a project that will do some good in the world and help children to become more confident and less anxious. 


Project featured: on 14th September 2020

Monster Mates