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Noticebored is an idea bourne of the fact that many people hate their day jobs.

It’s an idea, based around an app initially, that rather than becoming part of the ‘great resignation’ (which really, can most people afford to do?) you give some of your time (spare - or better still, lobby your employer to gift you) to really good local causes.

Noticebored - that we’ve noticed you’re bored and want to do something better, or for the better - would enable local charitable organisations to post up time and skill-based needs, and have them matched to people who could help. Local (hero) volunteers could register for donating help, with alerts to them based on availability or ability.

It’s a self-initiated idea, based on seeing how local communities often struggle with finding the support they need - by seeing if the potential could actually exist within the community but hasn’t been tapped.

The visual language is based around the idea of an actual notice board - the type of thing that people pin for-sale cards, local am-dram requests, good trader business cards - with drawing pins, holes, torn paper as core to the identity.

If anyone wants to turn this into an MVP beyond the concept, hit me up :)


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