Rhodri Davies 3D Artist


The RYSEN is a new rehabilitation innovation that improves patient's transition into daily-life by combing vertical and horizontal assistive forces. Wanting to highlight the superiority of this next-generation 3D bodyweight support system, Motek enlisted Bomper to create a product launch film.

The film opens with the visualisation of the evolution of man, showing the patients journey with the device. One of the harder aspects of this film was highlighting the varying levels of assistance with the device, by showing the subtle nuances of body mechanics. A simple environment, natural character animation and a variety of camera angles were used to highlight the unprecedented freedom of movement in organic conditions. This also kept visibility and focus on the technical design, working hand-in-hand with graphical overlays to show force and strength.

The final film positions the RYSEN as the first choice in overground gait and balance rehabilitation.

Date created: February 2019 2019-02-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 15 February 2019 2019-02-15T09:42:39+0000


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Project featured: on 15th February 2019

Motek: 'The Rysen'