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Audible challenged us to drive as many conversions to podcast downloads as possible while relaying the message that Audible is a creator of high-quality original content. The target audience was people aged 16-40 with a focus on existing Kurupt FM fans who were probably unaware that their favourite pirate radio station now had a new home on Audible. Enter Chabuddy G (Kurupt FM’s manager from comedy People Just Do Nothing), who 'sponsored’ the podcasts with a number of his business ventures via a series of audio ads. We took this further by creating six websites in the style of Chabuddy G’s businesses and aesthetic (cheap & dated). He's a self-described 'Ultrapaneer' (entrepreneur). His businesses are comically poorly executed, just like these websites. Each website drove to the Audible site, allowing fans to make the association between high quality content they were familiar with and Audible.

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Date published: 4 January 2021 2021-01-04T05:49:14+0000


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