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Max Factor has been responsible for creating some of the most glamorous looks for Hollywood’s iconic actresses, so we decided to draw on the three key pillars that Max Factor has built its historic reputation on: classical glamour, make-up artistry and Hollywood.
And there was only ever one place this campaign would shine: the big screen.
Working alongside Zenith and DCM, we partnered Max Factor with two of the biggest hits of 2017 – Murder On The Orient Express and The Greatest Showman, we created bespoke, contextually relevant content to engage audiences, in the form of make-up tutorials led by brand ambassador Caroline Barnes. This was inter-weaved with original film footage to amplify MaxFactor’s association with Hollywood.
The content (delivered as three-minute how-to videos and social assets), was made for cinema and drew aesthetic parallels with the looks of the film stars and how to easily achieve these looks at home with Max Factor products.
The campaign was one of the year's most awarded cinema ads. It won the Grand Prix and also Gold for Best Use of Cinema at the Digital Cinema Media Awards.

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