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Thousands of families feel the impact of cardiac arrest each year. More than 30,000 out-of-hospital arrests happen every year, and fewer than one in ten survive.
If more people knew what to do, they would be ready to act and more lives could be saved. Research showed that 61% of Brits don’t know how to respond to cardiac arrest.
The problem was that learning what to do was complicated. There was no simple way to learn or remember what to do in time of cardiac arrest.

Our breakthrough was positioning the campaign as caring for a loved one’s heart (as oppose to your own).
This went against all heart health literature, which was about making big changes to your behaviour and diet to help your heart. By doing so, we were able to strike an emotional chord and inspire people to learn four simple steps to save someone else’s life.

We needed an acronym to simplify the complicated process of learning how to deal with cardiac arrest. Off the back of our ‘spark’, the C.A.R.E. for a Heart campaign was born. We created four steps: 1. Closest Defibrillator. Arrest? Resuscitate. Early Defibrillation.
… and created four animated films showcasing the four simple steps of C.A.R.E. The different characters work to make complex first aid easy to understand in a charming yet vital awareness campaign. Knowing how to C.A.R.E. is the easiest way to save a loved one’s heart.

The campaign has so far had a reach of 14.6 million; 3.8 million social impressions and 304,002 video views and 58,496 unique visits to the campaign microsite.
59% of those reached are now defib-ready (able to answer all four stages correctly in an online quiz). And 75% of St John Ambulance employees and volunteers reached are defib ready.

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