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Series of seven illustrations to accompany a BuzzFeed list by Hannah Jewell about what Hogwarts would ~really~ be like if it existed in Britain.

Illustrations depict these very realistic probable situations:
-The Forbidden Forest would be blocked off by a rusted chain-link fence with barbed wire at the top.
-Each year, dozens of students would lose their virginity to the sound of owls softly hooting.
-St Merlin’s boys would run over to the rusty chain-link fence around Hogwarts at lunch times to shout insults at the Hogwarts kids.
-Filch would sell hard drugs to students.
-Whenever there was an election, random ministers would come visit Hogwarts to have photos taken with poor-looking students. On one of these visits, Fred and George would magic the word “COCKS” right behind a smiling minister.
-Professor McGonagall would frequently arrive to class five minutes late, put on a VHS documentary about Transfiguration, and sit in the back leafing through catalogues and smelling faintly of booze.
-Hogwarts would be under pressure to sell off the Quidditch pitch and part of the Forbidden Forest so they could build a Tesco.

(There's also a bonus illustration we worked on separately of Hufflepuffs getting stoned, because of course they would.)

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Date published: 28 February 2018 2018-02-28T21:45:48+0000


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