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About Razzbri

Based in Auckland and Wellington, razzbri covers roles across New Zealand. From graduates to directors, contract to permanent, we’ll fill any role with ‘digital’ in the job description.


Razzbri specialise in digital. We can tell our front end from our back end (developers, that is), and we know that C++ has nothing to do with homework grades. We speak your language.


Not everyone likes eighties’ ballads at full bore. Or tequila shots at lunch. We know that everyone’s different, so we consider culture fit carefully. This means getting to know our clients and candidates more intimately than the back of our warm, friendly handshakes.


We stay in constant contact with our wide range of clients in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Our pool of talent is pretty impressive too. Digital technology is our passion, so it’s a challenge but not a chore to keep up with the fast-moving industry trends.


Digital Marketing

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Advertising, Communications, Design

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