Solid Brass and Copper Eggs
In many cultures and society, the egg with its unique physical characteristics is considered to be the perfect magical symbol, of hope and purity. It is, after all, like the seed, a symbol of fertility and the potential of life - in fact, it is the life cycle personified.
In ancient times the egg was a symbol of the universe, of creation, and in some cultures, luck wealth, and health.
Imperfections such as small scratches and/or very minor Knicks on the surface of this item are evidence of the handmade production process and should not be considered defects.
Polished Brass and Copper
Handmade in England
65.5mm Length x 47.07mm width
WEIGHT (Because of the weight these eggs will stand upright on a flat surface)
673.70 grams
21.16 ounces
1.32 pounds
These heavy unlacquered brass and copper eggs will develop a patina over time. Polish by buffing with soft cloth. Brass or metal polish may also be used; use a second clean, dry cloth to buff the brass and copper to a shine.

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Brass and Copper Egg