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How memory skills could help you take control of life – at home and work – and win back time for the things you love.

Study after study shows that life is getting faster and busier, leaving less and less time for proper leisure and relaxing with loved ones. The idea of a ‘work-life-balance’ can seem an impossibility these days, with many of us realising that we need to take a new approach to both sides of this equation and look for ways to integrate work and life if we’re going to get everything done. Technology can help with this, but it may also be part of the problem. Around half the people questioned in a recent US study said they checked work emails at weekends and even on holiday; and while for some this may reduce stress and increase productivity, for others the constant contact with work is a major challenge to their wellbeing.

A UK study showed that nine out of ten workers felt significant stress in their roles. In the busiest years of their careers, British workers currently average less than five hours of free time every week. In Singapore, a survey named work-life-balance as the number one priority for workers – and yet it still remains elusive for most of them, struggling with the rest of us to keep our heads above the rising tide of information, deadlines and ever-increasing demands on our energy and time. 

But amongst it all, one leading writer and speaker believes that there is an important way to regain control – and says it’s something that’s within everyone’s grasp. While we push technology in new ways to try to get some help, he believes we’re neglecting the most powerful computer of all: the human brain.

Memory expert Jonathan Hancock describes it as a 'life-changing secret'.

“By the time you've done your paid job,” he says, “then sorted out all the chores, ferried yourself and your family everywhere you need to go and coped with all the new challenges of the day, there's not much time left for anything else. We're all busier than ever before and many of us lead several lives, as partners, parents, employees, carers... The world bombards us with new information every second, and it's no wonder that so many of us feel stressed as we try to juggle all the different parts of our lives. It's all too easy to feel out of control, and to end every day exhausted.”

But Jonathan has a solution.

“Learn how to use your brain properly, and you can start to regain control of your life. You plan better, you become more efficient, you do things at the right time and you stop making frustrating mistakes. You know when to switch on and when to switch off. You begin to feel confident in your ability to handle all the information coming your way.”

His newly-launched website, Memory Power, is designed to teach everyone a new way of using their memory. “You can quickly learn how to get so much more out of your brain,” he says, “and see benefits in every aspect of your life. You've got everything you need in there to learn all the names, times, date, numbers and lists you need to organise yourself. Plus, you open up your imagination, start enjoying learning, and use your mind to help you relax and stay serene, whatever's going on around you.”

A busy writer, trainer and father of three, Jonathan believes everyone can benefit immediately, however stressed they're feeling. “For more than twenty years now I've been training people from four to eighty-four to start using their memory properly. I've not found anyone who didn't amaze themselves with what they could do.”

Now Jonathan's complete guide to using your memory is available to download from www.memorypower.org There are courses for children as well as adults, both backed up by interactive tests and challenges. “The approach I’ve tried to take is down-to-earth, practical and fun,” he says, “but the results can be dramatic: the ability to stay in control of your time, the jobs you have to do, the places you have to be, times, dates, names... as well as the power to handle all the new information you're faced with every day. Learn the skills to write and speak memorably... discover the secrets of success in interviews and exams... encourage your children to develop the right habits early on... and get hold of the best strategies for achieving true memory confidence.”

Almost half of all workers in the UK say they would re-locate if it meant having a better work-life- balance. Jonathan Hancock believes the real answer to surviving and thriving is less dramatic, but much more significant.

“Your memory can help you do everything better,” he says, “and feel better about yourself and your ability to handle life.”

“In short, take control of your life by taking control of your memory.”


The author:

At the age of 16, Jonathan Hancock invented a system for memorizing playing-cards and broke the first of his two Guinness World Records. For three years running he was ranked as the best in the world at remembering names and faces. In 1994 he won the title of World Memory Champion and he went on to use his memory skills to achieve a First from Oxford University; to pursue a successful career as a broadcaster with the BBC; and, more recently, to work as a leader in education.

Jonathan has written a number of successful books about memory and learning, including ‘Brilliant Memory Training’ (Pearson) and ‘Successful Memory Techniques in a Week’ (Hodder Education). A consultant to telecommunications and entertainment companies, he also runs memory training courses in business and education, and has appeared on radio and television around the world as an expert on memory improvement. He has appeared on all five series of the popular Channel 4 TV programme ‘Child Genius’ and works with the Learning Skills Foundation to run the annual Junior Memory Championship.

The Memory Power courses are the result of Jonathan's personal adventures in memory. They explain the best strategies for learning words and numbers, lists,

names, spellings, foreign languages... They reveal the secrets of speaking from memory, and demonstrate how everyone can start to be more memorable to others. They explore the best ways to study and revise. They even show how Jonathan is able to memorize playing-cards with such ease.

Memory Power explains how your brain works, and what you need to do to make it work for everything you need to know – starting today.

Jonathan Hancock is available for interview. He can also supply customized articles for your publication, explaining the benefits of a trained memory and summarizing the secrets contained in the website. He is a professional broadcaster and a skilled communicator, able to give entertaining and inspirational demonstrations of memory power.


Contact Jonathan: at  www.memorypower.org




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