Engine set out to create a film as unique as the Jägermeister taste and unlike any other on the market. From a VFX perspective, the challenge was carrying the audience through various locations, and moving through the scenes at a pace with many seamless hidden transitions. In order to do this, dozens of plates of hand-held footage were stitched together. Getting a skilled team to divide and conquer each task shot by shot resulted in the seamless finished spot.


  • JägermeisterClient
  • Ben StrebelDirector
  • Daisy DomenghiniGlobal Account Director
  • Jason WallisColour Grader
  • Katherine ThompsonAgency Account Director
  • Magda KrimitsouExecutive Producer
  • Matt Jackson2D Lead Artist
  • Neil ScholesCG Lead Artist
  • Ollie AgiusCreative
  • Orlando WarnerAgency Creative Director
  • Pete Rypstra2D Lead Artist
  • Ryan KnowlesVisual Effects Supervisor
  • Skunk LondonProduction Company
  • Victoria DoranAgency Assistant Producer
  • * PatrickCG Lead Artist
  • * Pete IoulianouCreative
  • * radioaktivefilmProduction Company
  • * EngineAdvertising Agency
  • * Bradley WoodusAgency Producer
  • * D&AD
Project featured: on 17th November 2021

Jägermeister - Be The Meister