Philippus Vorster Graduate Product Designer/​Design Engineer


Bridging the Gap between Recycling Plastics, 3D Printing and Education
The PiTrude shreds plastic "waste" and extrudes 3D printer filament or any other desired profile of extrusion, while simultaneously educating children about the process of recycling thermoplastics & making use of the institutions plastic waste.

The PiTrude makes use of Raspberry Pi 3 model B and a 7" touch screen, programmed in Python & Kivy. The GUI on screen allows for easy monitoring and operation of the shredder & extruder. Please have a look at the video on my profile or visit my website which explains the concept further.

Date created: July 2017 2017-07-01T00:00:00+0100
Date published: 4 September 2017 2017-09-04T18:52:57+0100


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