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Thousands of the best brands, agencies and companies rely on Creativepool to help them find candidates that will push their company forward, attain new skillsets and achieve their business goals. Our recruitment solutions give you control over the hiring process, are simple to use and effective. With a membership base of 269,900 members with profiles, CVs/Resumes and portfolios, our guaranteed response to adverts and a team of people to help you hiring, couldn’t be easier.


Our job adverts are anything but ordinary. We know the recruitment process inside out and have created a system that is effectively simple.

Quick, Simple, Effective
  • Free Job Alerts
  • Free Candidate Management System
  • 28 day job advert
  • Applications straight to your inbox
  • Free social media blast
  • Free partner placement
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Premium Featured
Guaranteed Results Everything you get with a Premium Job plus:
  • A dedicated Account Manager who will guide you with your job advert copy, post the job for you and monitor your response
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Jobs are marked as Featured and show first in search
  • Job featured on the homepage
  • Included in our weekly newsletter
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Premium Shortlist
Leave it to Us Everything you get with a Premium Featured Job plus:
  • You will be assigned a Community Account Manager who:
  • Will filter the results and only send you relevant applicants
  • Write your job advert from your jobs spec
  • Plus you get 10 free non-connected messages to reach out to potential candidates
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Talent Search

Headhunting? Unlock the full potential of the Creativepool platform with our Talent Search Pass.

With our Talent Search Pass you’ll be able to

See full results for all your searches
See contact details on every profile
Message anyone
Unlimited CV and Resume downloads

Powerful Search

Access some of the world’s greatest creative individuals from the comfort of your desk. Our search tool cuts through our 269,900 members and gives you access to member’s work history, portfolio and CV/Resume, giving you full insight into each person’s capabilities.


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Our guarantee

At Creativepool we know how vital good staff are.

We work tirelessly with our clients to ensure that you get the best result from working with us. Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager who can help with the process before, during and after you post your advert or use the Search pass.

We are so confident in our product and process that if you are not 100% satisfied with how you advert has performed, let us know and we will repost your job for free or credit your account. No quibble, No Fuss!

Our Partner Network

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What our clients say

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This is a fresh new take on the digital portfolio format. We’ve made a number of very interesting new contacts since we created our profile.

I’m really happy with the way our profile looks, the CMS is a doddle to use and the social elements open the platform up to a whole variety of uses.

What they do really well is foster a sense of being part of a creative community, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it develops.”

Matt Henkes, Bray Leino

alt text

alt text

“Creativepool is a highly effective, inspirational and creative, networking online resource. It has enabled me to showcase many of Parker Williams most successful brand design projects to a wider audience, and has undoubtedly raised our visibility as a brand packaging design company in a competitive industry.

Our Company profile has driven traffic to our Website and created more business opportunities. Which is fantastic!

I find the Creativepool team professionally helpful and always willing to advise on creative content, which is a direct benefit for Parker Williams.

I would endorse and champion Creativepool to all creative organisations large and small!”

Fiona Wilsher, Parker Williams

alt text

alt text

“Building our profile on Creativepool was a really intuitive process from start to finish. It took no time at all to input the relevant information and the profile layout means our work looks fantastic.

Analytics for each profile are readily available and help us to gain key insights into who is interacting with our page.

We were able to easily input our skills, clients and sector experience to make bluemarlin more visible.

Rob Atkinson, Blue Marlin

alt text

Frequently asked questions

How long do adverts stay live? Adverts are live on the site for 28 days.

How many people will be sent job email alerts for my job?

We send out alerts only to the most relevant of the 269,900 members of Creativepool. How many sent depends on the role and the location. Give us a call and we can give you some idea on the reach your job will get.

Is there a restriction on how many CVs/Resumes I can download?

NO. When you have a Talent Search Pass there is no restriction on how many CVs/Resumes you can download. When posting a job you’ll have full access to all of the applicants for 12 months.

Am I able to edit my job?

YES. Unlike most jobs boards you can edit and tweak your job throughout the 28 day period as much as you would like.

How can I get my job featured on the front page? Jobs that are featured on the main jobs page are Premium Jobs. They are also featured in our newsletter that is sent out to our entire opt-in database.

Will you check our advert before it goes live?

YES. All jobs are checked manually before they are posted on the site and the email alerts are sent out.

If I hire someone do you charge me more?

NO. The prices on this page are final.

How do I know what salary I should put on my job?

Salary is obviously a very important thing when advertising a role. To give you some guidance we have a Salary Survey that can give an idea of the industry standard salary for each role.

How long do you keep applicants, stats and expired adverts on my account? Your job, stats and applicants are all kept on your account for 12 months.

Can you help me write my advert?

We have a simple and effective guide that you can use to craft your advert - here. If you'd like a personal touch then get in contact with us and we'll be happy to help.

What happens if I am not happy with the response to advert?

All but our basic advert are covered by our guarantee (see above). But keep in touch throughout and we’ll do what we can to give your job the attention it deserves.