Why Use Freelancers?

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If you’ve not used freelancers in your business before, it’s normal that you might have reservations. Will they be as on-brand as your permanent staff? How much should you pay? But as hundreds of our clients have discovered, hiring freelancers can be a no-brainer. Here’s why you should consider it…

It’s Cost Effective

With a commitment level you can turn off and on like a light switch, you only pay for the exact time required, avoiding the need for a permanent hire. And for brands without the budget for a traditional marketing, PR or design agency, creating a bespoke freelance team to cover your needs provides a perfect solution.

Rare Skills For Rare Projects

When projects crop up that require niche skills that aren’t required on a permanent basis in your business, you can temporarily hire the skills or experience you need… just for the time you need. This will allow you to stay responsive to your ever-changing business.

Fresh Eyes & Minds

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to get your project to its conclusion. For agencies, we have a number of freelance pitch-winners with brilliant track records. Their concepts are responsible for keeping many leading agencies busy with new project wins!

Forward Momentum

Freelance allows you to tackle unforeseen projects head on without infringing on your day-to-day activities. It can also be used to take hold of opportunities you would otherwise have to pass up due to a lack of resources.

Filling The Gap

If you’re recruiting permanently, using a freelancer whilst you recruit takes away pressures and makes the most of the intervening time period… ensuring you only commit to a permanent hire once you truly have the right candidate.

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