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It's A Tide Ad:
Actor David Harbour sets up the idea that whenever you see clean clothes in a Super Bowl ad, it’s actually a Tide ad. He hijacks ads from other categories like car, beer, perfume, insurance, personal hygiene, cola and even a digital speaker pointing out clean clothes in all of them. Then he invites the audience to keep their eyes open for the next #TideAd.
Entry Summary: During the Super Bowl, millions of viewers go online to comment on and scrutinize every ad of the broadcast. To own the social conversation, we found something all ads have in common, and gave people a filter through which they could judge every ad they saw: the presence of clean clothes. With the unexpected appearance of David Harbour hijacking different commercials, we kept the Internet guessing. People talked and laughed about laundry, questioning many of the commercials as to whether they were #TideAds. #TideAd was used 45,000 times, with people generating their own #TideAd content memes and even won Twitter’s #BrandBowl. David Harbour is the star of “Stranger Things”, the global sci-fi hit show from Netflix. He also has a cult following on social media
It's Another Tide Ad:
David Harbour hijacks an Old Spice ad to remind everyone that whenever they see clean clothes it’s a Tide ad. He ends up riding a double horse with Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa (from the iconic ad the Man Your Man Could Smell Like). Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” is one of the most beloved and iconic commercials in the last decade. Isaiah Mustafa is an actor known for Old Spice. This second spot in the Tide Ad campaign had over 824,000 organic views and social conversations around #TideAd spiked again with this continuation of the campaign.
It's Yet Another Tide Ad:
David Harbour reappears again, to remind us that what looks like a Budweiser Clydesdales spot and even last year’s Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad are also Tide ads.","EntrySummary":"Clydesdales are the iconic horses that have appeared in Budweiser advertising over the decades.Last year, Mr. Clean had one of the most popular Super Bowl ads that showed a dancing and cleaning Mr. Clean in front of a woman who gets carried away. Mr. Clean is a 60 year old iconic cleaning brand in the US. This third spot in the campaign had over 479,000 organic views and social conversations around #TideAd spiked again with this continuation of the campaign.
It's Yet Another Tide Ad, Again:
David Harbour hijacks what appears to be a pharma ad of old citizens playing tennis, however they all wear clean white tennis clothes, so it’s a Tide ad. In the US, pharmaceutical commercials are characterized by a slice of life that shows a physical problem (like back pain) and a lifestyle montage once they’re cured. Legal voice over tends to play under the montage.


  • Alan LinDigital Director
  • Alex PerezAssistant Brand Manager
  • Arcade Edit NYProduction
  • Blake MorrisCopywriter
  • Chad BakerCreative Director / Art Director
  • Corina ArnalStrategist
  • Dani StollerExecutive Producer
  • Daniel LobatonCreative Director / Copywriter
  • Danielle HallackProducer
  • Erin EvonArt Director
  • Guillermo BetancourtAccount Supervisor
  • Jacopo BiorcioArt Director
  • Javier CampopianoChief Creative Officer
  • Jed KarnowskiEcommerce Account Manager
  • Jen BrotmanSenior Account Supervisor
  • Jennifer MaxwellBrand Manager
  • Jennifer McGillAccount Executive
  • Kiko MattosoCreative Director / Copywriter
  • Kimberly DoebereinerBBIC
  • Maddy KramerArt Director
  • Matthew WormingtonBrand Communications Manager
  • Max McKeonCreative Director / Copywriter
  • Nayantara MukherjiStrategy Director
  • Nick MiaritisSVP, Regional Account Director
  • Paul BichlerExecutive Creative Director
  • Paul ChickManager, Advertising Production
  • Ryan MartinVP, Account Director
  • Saatchi & Saatchi New YorkChief Executive Officer
  • Sundar RamanVP, North America Fabric Care
  • The Mill Los AngelesProduction
  • Vedran MileticBrand Director, North America Fabric Care Delive
  • * Rattling StickProduction
  • * Rafael SegriCreative Director / Art Director
  • * MKTGAdditional
  • * Cannes Lions Winners 2018
Project featured: on 30th November 2018

It's a Tide Ad Campaign