InLink100 - Celebrating 100 InLinks across the UK

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Primesight has achieved its latest milestone of deploying more than 100 InLinks across the UK, providing advertisers with the opportunity to reach an estimated 36.5 million impacts in two major UK cities across 200 digital screens.

Together with BT and InLinkUK, Primesight marked the occasion by hosting an event at The Hospital Club in London alongside more than 150 agency, specialist and advertising guests.

Primesight CEO, Naren Patel, opened the event by thanking guests and the teams involved in reaching this important milestone.

Naren said: “InLinks are the first outdoor product to provide communities with valuable and high-quality communications benefits.

"It’s a real product that people are using"

This allows us to develop some fantastic advertising locations which, in turn, allows advertisers to make the best impression on their target audience.”

Head of InLink Sales, James Power, showcased how InLinks are offering a whole new opportunity for advertisers.

“This year is about creating a point of difference for advertisers”, he said. “InLinks are not just great digital screens but also a content platform and publisher. Our product is changing the behaviour of consumers on the streets”.

The formal part of the evening was closed by Nick Hale, Managing Director - BT Ventures and Christina Huang, Managing Director, Advertising & Media at BT Wholesale & Ventures. Together they spoke of the uniqueness of InLinks.

“Advertising, like this, is one of the most exciting aspects BT has, particularly in terms of ventures. This is all about making out of home media digital and relevant".

The event came off the back of a very successful month for Primesight’s InLink product, with the product shortlisted for four major awards including:

  • Campaign Media Awards - ‘Product Innovation’
  • British Media Awards - ‘Digital Product of the Year’
  • The Connies - ‘Best Use of Connected Technology’
  • Creativepool - ‘Wave’ (Product Innovation)

See photos and highlights from our event on our Twitter page.

You can also watch our InLink video, here.

The InLink journey so far

From a standing start in June 2017, InLinks have showcased over 35 campaigns with key brands such as Facebook, The Guardian, O2, Bulmers, Barclays, Amazon and Deliveroo.

InLinkUK from BT goes above and beyond other digital out-of-home services offer by providing unique, innovative solutions that enhance public connectivity.

It offers the fastest free public Wi-Fi in the country, community content on the screens, tablet use and charging points.

Primesight’s latest eye-tracking research has found that InLinks receive a 92% engagement rate compared to 87% for digital bus shelters, demonstrating their prominence within the DOOH environment.

InLinks offer advertisers increased opportunities to hit consumers in a targeted and hyper contextual way which, in turn, helps to deliver more effective campaigns. A key example is TfL - the first brand to encourage audiences to use the free InLinkUK from BT Wi-Fi to download their new ticketing app.

InLinks are continuing to connect consumers at an ultrafast pace, with more than 1 million Wi-Fi sessions to-date.

Local communities have embraced the new technology with:

  • Over 49,000 unique subscribers to ultrafast, free InLinkUK from BT Wi-Fi
  • Over 239,000 tablet sessions;
  • Over 305,000 phone calls; and
  • Enough data used to download over 7 million songs

InLink from BT can be found in locations across seven London boroughs and in Leeds with more earmarked for launch later this year, pending planning approvals. The 100th InLink was switched on in Wandsworth in March 2018.


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