The Global Network Management Team was created with an aggressive plan to lead its business transformation programme. Responsibility included developing, delivering and owning end-to-end strategic projects, working with colleagues and stakeholders from across the network to ensure timely and effective completion of projects to coincide with business goals.

+ Responsible for end to end life cycle of project deliverables across the global network
+ To capture data associated with the programme in order to track issues, analysis progress and continued optimisation through regular weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews.
+ to produce engaging events for our Creative Council created to target strategic change within the company
+ Plan and lead a programme of activity in line with organisational strategy to ensure all key stakeholders and staff are fully engaged.
+ To ensure that our business programme are communicated effectively across our network of 5,000 people
+ To plan appropriate resource to ensure that projects are delivered on time and budget
+ To have an understanding of historical context as well as different cultures and management styles in order to handle change


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