Notes from Abroad. Mike Collinge. Copenhagen.

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What are you doing work wise in Copenhagen. Where/who do you work for/with. Or are you working for yourself?
Well, I have actually just started a new job with a company called Bold Scandinavia. The office in Copenhagen is relatively new and growing, so it's an exciting time to be joining. boldscandinavia.com

Are you working on any interesting projects at the moment that you can talk about? Actually I can't really give specifics on any of the projects I’m working on right now, but I can say I have just started working on my second Bank brand in as little as six months – both great projects actually, where I think we have and will push the creative expression beyond what is traditional for a bank. Other fun projects include a rather unorthodox typeface I designed and an identity for a bicycle recycling programme that is still in development – I really hope it goes ahead, because I really liked the outcome.

What is the creative scene like in Copenhagen? Do you attend design/creative events? Or are there any neat places you hang out that are inspiring and creatively lead?
I would say the creative scene here in Copenhagen is not that dissimilar to the creative scene in either Wellington or Auckland. Similar sized cities, vibrant and energetic, everyone knows everyone. But what I think Copenhagen does do well are creative events, which I am terrible at attending. Which is a shame, because there are many and they are well organised. These can be anything from networking Friday bars in co-working spaces to art events at the state art gallery. Over the next two weeks we have CPH:DOX - a documentary film festival. But otherwise I do like to get around the art galleries.

What would you say are the major creative drawcards of Copenhagen?
Overall, I think it's the general energy of the city. It feels like there's always something going on. Probably more so in the summer of course. But as I mentioned earlier there are always many events happening. Many great galleries to visit, new shops opening up, the latest street food venue, electronic street parties, or you can just sit by the canal or on a bridge with a beer and watch the world go by (best done in summer).

Mike Collinge moved to Copenhagen in 2012 after a successful career in some of New Zealand’s best agencies including Designworks, DNA and Seven. mikecollinge.com


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