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In our last blog, we explored the power of combining print and digital channels to reach maximum impact for your marketing campaigns. With Christmas approaching, we couldn’t resist but dive deeper into this subject, the power of print, and give special focus to direct mail.

This time of the year offers a unique opportunity to reach out not only to existing and prospective customers, but also partners and suppliers. Receiving a physical card with your name and address on it generates a feeling that digital channels can’t match. Direct mail is personal – and can bring very positive business results too.

We are not the only ones saying that; research* results support our claims:

37% of business mail drives commercial actions
49% say they remember mail contact for longer periods than email
75% of business mail stays in the home for over 4 weeks
There’s no doubt about the potential of a direct mail campaign. But are you unsure about what to send to your contacts? See some of our ideas below.

What to include in your direct mail campaign?
As we are in the holiday season, it’s natural to send and receive mail with Christmas greetings. It doesn’t mean that’s all you can send - we came up with a few other suggestions of what could be a part of your mailing content:

Thank recipients for their custom
Recognising the support your customers, partners and suppliers provided during the year will make them feel appreciated. This positive feeling towards your brand and business can give you a great advantage over your competitors.
Share something positive that happened during the past year
We are sure lots have happened during the year for your business. Why not pick one or two key milestones and share them with your contacts? This will create a stronger connection with your brand, which could turn into long-term loyalty.
Share something exciting to look forward to in the new year
A great way to make your contacts feel like they are a part of your business is by giving them an insight for what’s in the pipeline. Besides showing you have great plans ahead, it will make them feel special to be hand-picked to know something no one else does.
Add an exclusive offer/ discount
It’s never too late to push sales a bit further before the year ends. An exclusive offer or discount can give customers the motivation needed to place an order.
Add a call to action
Don’t forget to be tell your recipients what you would like them to do after receiving the direct mail. It could be a visit to your website, a call to book a demo, or a post on social media with a suggested hashtag. Whatever it is, a clear call to action will increase the chances of success for your postal print.
Print your direct mail with Pogo
Pogo offers premium print on a wide range of products, including invitations. Well, we call them invitations, but they could be anything you want, from ‘thank you’ notes to ‘holiday wishes’ cards. Printed on quality paper, silk or recycled, using state-of-the-art machinery, our invitations can be single or double-sided with optional lamination and a blank envelope is always included. Simply upload your design on our website and let us do the rest.

* Source: Data from JICMAIL, Kantar TNS Q2 2017

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The power of direct mail