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Stapled brochures are one of the most versatile printed materials in the marketing mix. They are a blank canvas offering a great opportunity to connect, sell, promote and engage. Printed in A4 or A5, from 4 to 40 pages excluding cover, they are very adaptable to your content strategy.

In our previous blog post, we explored the power of direct mail and shared that research results show 75% of business mail stays in the home for over 4 weeks. Imagine if that was your company brochure? Happy days.

Add brochures to your marketing strategy mix

In this post, we suggest a few ways you could implement stapled brochures into your communication strategy.

Product catalogue
Brochures are a great tool to showcase your range. Choose the number of pages that suit how many products or services you sell. You also have plenty of space to explain each product in more detail, and even include specifications, which wouldn’t probably fit in a flyer or poster.
This is not limited to any types of products; showcase hardware tools, cake types and flavours or even travel destinations and packages. The sky is the limit!
Product manual
If your product is accompanied by instructions of use when delivered, you can get your ever-green content printed on a brochure and add it to every order. A handy A5 booklet with helpful content and imagery can set your brand apart.
The most common use of staple brochure is magazines. Why not create your very own branded magazine? You could use as an internal tool, sharing news and announcements to your staff; or as a customer-facing material, a great way to establish yourself as a knowledgeable brand. An A4 brochure with engaging content and eye-catching images will build a positive connection in customers’ mind.
T&C/ general terms
Do you need to share general T&C with your customers on a regular basis? Make your document look more professional by getting it printed on a staple brochure. Choose between A4 or A5 size depending on the length of your text – and dare to go against the tide, fight the boring black & white text on paper, and add a splash of colour for a more engaging version of your legal terms.
Corporate booklet
Last, but not least, the old-fashioned-still-in-style company brochure. The perfect way to share your story, timeline, team members, key numbers and performance. This is great to show your customers who you are and what your brand stands for beyond your product range and commercials. It’s a chance to get customers to connect with your brand values and potentially create a long-term relationship.
Design tips for your brochures
Compelling copy and visually engaged imagery are a must – but that is true for any marketing material, really. The special feature about brochures is the space it offers. Firstly, due to the number of pages you have to communicate your message, there is plenty of room to connect with your readers. Secondly, each page isn’t isolated, it is viewed as part of a spread (double page, side-to-side) – this means you can play with your design and make it more impactful by making it seamlessly flow across two pages.

Print your brochures with Pogo

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Five ways to implement stapled brochures into your strategy



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