PJ Filmmaker


This project has been a very challenging one from the beginning. But we never gave up. There had been a lot of difficulties travelling with crew into Germany as well as securing permits.- due to Covid 19.

Collectively, we kept on pushing and filming when and where we were allowed to. It was important that we stuck to the storyboard that I had put together as the artist was keen on creating what we had initially planned for.

After extended days of filming and a couple trips to Hamburg and Berlin, we finally pulled it off and created a film that we are all proud of.


  • Kwam.eClient

Kwam.e - Rauchzeichen (Music Video)


A very eye-opening project which showcases a series of specialist cinematic storytelling, camera movements, and precise VFX editing. The project is a combination of multiple film sets, actors, and dramatic scenes which have developed this intense story of Kwam.e developing as a German music artist.

* Martin Baderko
Production Assistant at MUVIE
09 Feb 2022