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To put canned ORA Green Peas, a household product mostly regarded as a classic Christmas side dish, into new perspective while further strenghtening it's association with the holidays by making a Christmas Beer inspired by the peas.
To use the Christmas Beer to advertise the ORA Green Beans, and vice versa, since advertising alcohol is banned in Iceland.

We made ORA Christmas Beer, flavoured with green peas and sporting the same design as the green peas can. The beer was sold in Iceland's state-run liqour store monopoly. The idea was to have ORA Green Peas reach 'top of mind' with customers in a different envirionment than they were used to–namely in liquor stores. And also, to remind people in grocery stores of the beer, since both the beer can and the green peas looked the same.

Christmas beer sales are only permitted over a certain period of time in Iceland. ORA Christmas Beer sold out in the first day of sales. So we made a second batch which also sold out in one day. And ORA sold the most canned green peas in years.

The ORA Christmas Beer gained a lot of attention, resulting in a lot of earned media in the local market as every media outlet picked up the story and ran with it. The beer also gained considerable media attention across the globe.


Best OOH - Lúðurinn Icelandic Advertising Awards 2022
Best Print Ad - Icelandic Graphic Design Association Awards 2022


  • Tinna GunnlaugsdóttirClient
  • Kristján GautiCopywriter
  • Tinna Gunnlaugsdóttirmarketing manager
  • Björn JónssonCD
  • Kristján Einar KristjánssonAccount Manager
  • Margrét Ósk HallgrímsdóttirGraphic Designer
  • Valgeir Valgeirssonmaster brewer
  • * Pipar\TBWA
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