Picturesmith London


Our brief from was to create an ident that celebrates the Picturehouse family of cinemas - all 23 of them - using papercraft as a nod to the art and craft of filmmaking.

A critical aspect of the brief was to create a film that withstood repeat viewing, so we introduced numerous film references to help create intrigue and a sense of newness. We worked with Picturehouse to whittle a list down to around 50 films. We then had the fun challenge of working out the specific reference for each film and where and how they all fit into the 60 seconds, alongside the cinemas.

We had to design, animate, separate, cut and glue every element before animating everything again in camera.

The final artwork is now hanging in the Picturehouse office, and many of the assets have been reused across their marketing portfolio.


  • Sam ClementsClient
  • FonicSound design
  • Jeremy WarmsleyMusic
  • * PicturesmithAnimation

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